Shoes: Good for First Impressions?

It’s a proven fact that we judge someone in the first 7 seconds we lay eyes on them.

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You already come up with your own rating of someone (subconsciously) before even talking to them or knowing anything about them.

This is a scientific fact.

So how powerful are shoes in this case?

Are shoes good for first impressions or shall we just walk around in $20 shoes even at the most important meetings in our life?

Lets find out!

They are the Single Most Important Piece of Clothing We Could Have

In my opinion, shoes can single-handedly beat every other piece of clothing, just by themselves.

You could have a $10 shirt, $25 jumper, $20 pants and $300 kicks, and you will look like a million dollars.

Shoes have a POWERFUL first impression, you just need to look at this survey done at

People were actually being judged on the type of footwear they were wearing.

The study claims that people can (pretty accurately) guess:

  • Your income
  • Your age
  • Personal characteristics
  • Your lifestyle

So does it pay to invest in some high quality human wheels? I explain at the bottom of this article, but lets first talk about presence.

Lets Take a Look at Presence

This article is written by a professional pickup artist, a true master in picking up girls and knowing what to do and what not to do in social situations.

He has gathered thousands of data from his time practicing his craft and crunched the numbers.

For those of you who don’t know, presence is:

The noteworthy quality of poise and effectiveness, especially with a stately or distinguished bearing.”

This means “the inherent ability to command attention, both wittingly and without your own personal efforts.”

And he has come up with this:

A strong presence consists of a having strong body language, fashion, taking up space and then lastly making a powerful entrance.

As you can see, fashion is near the top.

And what have we learnt about fashion?

That shoes is the most complimented piece of clothing in human history.

Everyone with a great pair of shoes gets compliments, it’s a no brainer.

Add This Data Together

So with all the data gathered here today, it’s safe to say that fashion is one of the biggest factors for first impressions, right behind body language.

Secondly, shoes gets the most compliments out of any piece of clothing out there.

All of this together creates a huge presence and a powerful first impression within the first 7 seconds of laying eyes on somebody.

Are Shoes Good for First Impressions?

That is a loud and resounding yes!

Shoes are great for first impressions since people are judged by their footwear, and fashion is the second biggest factor for having good presence.

I mean, someone with $300 shoes is going to look more appealing than someone with $20 shoes.

Plus this is amplified by fellow shoe lovers since sneakerheads usually look at other peoples feet to see what they’re wearing!

In addition, most girls will look at footwear right before subconsciously giving guys a rating.

Lets Consider a Scenario

Lets say we have a guy doing shopping.

He has an $8 shirt, $20 pants and $300 shoes.

A girl sees him and because his shoes are the first thing to stand out, her eyes are going to go straight to the shoes.

Now what’s going through her mind without even thinking about it?

“Wow, this guy really likes to take care of himself and cares about how we looks”.

And you know what someone who takes care of them self is?

Very attractive in a women’s eye.

Now Lets Flip it Around

Now we have a guy doing shopping with a $30 shirt, $80 jacket, $50 pants and $100 shoes.

What’s this same girl going to think of this guy within the first 7 seconds of looking at him?

Probably nothing, she probably won’t even bat an eye.

There’s nothing that really sticks out on this man other than an average person who shops for clothes like everybody else.

So when she lays eyes on him, unless he’s good looking, she will look the other way and continue on her journey.

The bottom line:

To make a good first impression is to be impressive.

A shoe worth a good $300 is going to do just that!

All in All, Is it Worth the Investment?

Shoes are much a stronger first impression factor than you probably thought.

But is it worth investing in a nice pair of wheels rather than opting for something cheap and low quality that doesn’t get the eyes?

I’ll tell you what.

Here’s my experiences from going out and clubbing over the years.


I never used to worry about shoes, or even fashion for that matter.

I still don’t care about fashion because I believe less is more, but I definitely care about my shoes because, well, you’ll see why.

I used to have a pair of $40 shoes along with a $10 shirt and $20 pair of jeans when I went clubbing.

Nothing spectacular.

I never got any compliments and nobody ever came and created conversation with me.

So I decided to get a pair of $200 designer shoes because my friend swore that shoes made a huge impact on how people judged you.

I did just that, and I definitely did receive a lot more compliments and people would actually come up and make conversation with me.

I mean, that’s an incredibly powerful different outcome just by having a nice pair of kicks.

In Conclusion

If you want to make a good first impression, investing in shoes that actually stand out more than anyone else’s shoes is well worth the money!

But if you don’t care about impressing people and want to save money, then by all means your cheapo $30 Nike’s are good to go.

Well I hope I have opened your eyes to the wonderful world of shoes and that your next decision is some high value for money kicks.

Do you agree or disagree with my findings? Let’s me know in the comments below!

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