Uncomfortable Shoes? Here’s 5 Reasons Why

Uncomfortable shoes can make your life a living hell.

Walking on clouds is the aim of the game when it comes to choosing the right shoe.

I love brand new shoes for the simple reason that they just feel so good and comfortable, but in some cases that doesn’t go as planned.

So we’re left with a shoe that’s very uncomfortable, irritating and makes living our day to day life hell.

There are a number of reasons your shoes can be uncomfortable and I’m going to explain why below.

1. You’re Using Them For the Wrong Activity

Shoes are designed for specific activities.

For example: You might be using running shoes for tennis. Tennis requires short bursts of movements in all directions but running shoes only provides support in the front and back.

Another example is wearing walking shoes for running.

There’s simply not enough cushion and stability to provide the needed support, thus causing discomfort.

2. Your Shoes Need Breaking In

Your shoes might be the right fit and the right type of shoe for your body type and activity, and all that’s needed is a little break in.

Most shoes do not need breaking in but in some cases it is needed, especially stiff shoes. This guide explains how.

Keep in mind that breaking in new shoes takes time and should not be worn for long periods of time during this process.

3. They’re Too Small

Your shoes simply might be too tight.

They might be good enough length-wise but too narrow in the width, causing massive discomfort.

Another example of too tight shoes is the toe box squashing your toes, pointing them in different directions or scrunching up in a bundle.

These are clear signs that your shoes are too tight and need stretching.

4. The Shoes Are The Wrong Shape

You’d think that size of the shoe matters but in some cases this is not true.

If you’re a tall and skinny person, you might have long but narrow feet.

Normal shoes won’t fit comfortably so you may need to opt for some Chuck Taylors due to the narrow width they offer.

Or you way have small feet but a very wide width, making Chuck Taylors way too tight.

In this case you’ll have to do a little shopping around to find something more suitable for your foot shape.

5. You Don’t Give Your Feet a Break

As you do your daily activities, work and run errands, feet are going to sweat and your shoes will absorb a large majority of it and cause discomfort.

Make it a habit to air your feet out during the day.

Take it to the next level by switching your shoes up instead of sticking to your favorite pair of shoes.

Have different shoes for running errands, work and going out to dinner, as it’s going to help avoid injury and stop constant sweat build up.

Stop Buying Shoes That Hurt You


Who cares if your 10 year old stilettos make you look cute.

Or those brand new louboutin you’re thinking of getting look dashing.

If they hurt, don’t get them.

There’s no point trying to “bare the pain” and randomly tear up during your night out with the girls because you can’t stand the pain your shoes are causing you.

Opt for comfortable shoes instead, trust me, when we are comfortable we are much happier and can really enjoy ourselves.

Comfort Over Appearance

Appearance isn’t everything.

Sure, shoes are good for first impressions and may even make people think of us a certain way.

However, what does that accomplish when you can’t even be yourself because you’re too worried about the pain and discomfort your shoes are causing?

In my opinion, go for comfort first so we can focus more on ourselves, be in the right head space and can think clearly, then appearance second.

Uncomfortable shoes just aren’t worth the grief that comes with them and the sooner you realize that the better your life will be.

Wear For The Right Activity

Don’t settle for a cheap pair of $30 walking shoes when your activity requires a $200 pair of hiking boots.

Or don’t get a $25 pair of walking shoes and then decide to use them for running too, which is going to cause major discomfort and pain.

Make sure you wear shoes designed for the activity you’re doing and discomfort will be a thing of the past!

Yes it’s going to require some initial investment but your feet, body and mind will thank you for it.


Your shoes are designed to hold and support your weight so you stay comfortable, that’s it.

They aren’t suppose to impress everyone around them, but when you can find a very comfortable pair of shoes AND they impress, that is a bonus.

But my advice to you is to focus on comfort over everything else or you risk discomfort and even pain.

And of course make sure they shoe fits the job.

Do that and you will never have to worry about uncomfortable shoes again!

Well that concludes this article.

Please tell us how you deal with uncomfortable shoes in the comments below.


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