Under Armour Lockdown 4 Review – The King of Traction?

I just mentioned the Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe in my last article where I outlined the best basketball shoes under $100.

And that prompted me to do a full review on this shoe.

The fact that it’s less than $100 and includes all the quality and features that it has, I just had to do more digging.

In this Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe review, I will outline all the benefits, the pros, the cons, and then my final conclusion

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4

Best Basketball Shoe for the Price
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line

This shoe is definitely high value for money thanks to the lightweight, comfort, immense traction and style.

Lots of people love this shoe and few dislike it.

The bottom line is that it is best used for indoor basketball due to the traction it provides, but can also be used for outdoor b-ball and everyday activities.

Green ArrowPros Red ArrowCons
  • Offers lots of comfort
  • Lots of traction for movement control on the court, especially indoors
  • Good shoe for wide feet
  • It is lightweight, as it only weighs 13.6 ounces
  • Plenty of designs and color options
  • May need a day or two to break in
  • Lack of durability compared to other shoes in the same price range

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Product name: Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

Gender: Men

Colorways: 6

Best for: Indoor basketball

Bad for: Running, fitness walking

What is the Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe?

So this shoe features a nice, clean and sleek appearance.

It is 100% synthetic. The molded synthetic upper provides a more responsive fit.

The perforated leather increases the ventilation and air flow moving to stop sweat buildup.

It is lightweight and super breathable thanks to this design.

The underfoot cushioning ensures a soft and comfortable ride, especially on hard landings.

The midsole is made from molded EVA, providing a responsive ride and cutting down on weight even more.

The outsole is made from rubber and features a unique multi-level adaptive tread, preventing slips during intense basketball sessions and promoting exceptional on-court movement and control.

Features that Stand Out

Perforated Leather – This special design ensures lots of ventilation and air flow to keep you dry and comfortable on the court. This is one of my favorite features of this shoe!

Lightweight – This shoe only weighs 13.6 ounces. Everyone knows that the less weight on your feet, the easier it is to move, run and jump (making it a great basketball shoe)

Multi-Level Adaptive Tread – And lastly the feature that makes this shoe unique and stand out is hands down the multi-level tread pattern.

The rubber sole keeps the wearer in control of his movements thanks to the design. This allows for a more comfortable game without worrying about slipping and getting injured

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe Tread

What I Like

Okay, so there are lots of things that I like with this shoe.

First and foremost, I love the design and color options.

There are 6 different colorways, and my favorite is definitely the black on white.

It stands out and gets lots of compliments.

Another thing I like is the increased underfoot cushioning.

I weigh 245 pounds and need a shoe that can handle my weight without losing performance.

The underfoot cushioning is going to provide that extra protection against hard landings, and in my eyes that is a big winner.

What I Don’t Like

Of course there’s always going to be pros and cons when it comes to shoes.

Although there’s not a lot to dislike, I did manage to dig some things up.

For one, the quality is not the greatest.

It costs around $65, so it’s not going to be made as good as a shoe over $100.

Secondly, it may require some time to break in.

Some people find it comfortable straight out of the box, but others have to wear it for a day or two before it becomes comfortable.

Things You Should Know

Good for Wide Feet

I find that this shoe fits good for people with wide feet.

There are lots of people buying it and finding it extremely comfortable.

So if that sounds like you, just know that it will fit fine if you decide to get some.

Good Traction

Users who have purchased this shoe love how much traction it offers on court.

This is because of the multi-level traction design.

It allows for quick bursts of lateral movements without slipping.

Goes up to Size 16

These shoes actually fit people with overly big feet.

They go all the way up to size 16, which is not found on many other shoes.

Moms are buying them for their kids with size 15 feet and they are finding them hella comfortable.

Very Comfortable Shoes

They are incredibly comfortable thanks to the underfoot cushioning.

This allows larger people to wear them comfortably and land without experiencing pain or irritation in the knees or hip area,


In my opinion, these are not only good for basketball.

They are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, making them good for daily use, going out with friends, going on a date, getting lunch, doing groceries, etc.

Smaller than Expected

There are many reviews claiming that they run a little too tight.

The only way to beat this is to move up half a size.

This means if you’re a size 12, get a 12.5.

It is also what I recommend too, as it’s better to be safe than sorry instead of sending it back and making a simple buyers mistake.

Who Should Wear this Shoe?

Most who purchase the Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe use it for indoor basketball and shooting hoops.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s only limited to b-ball.

I would even say it’s good for casual, everyday use due to the comfort it provides.

This shoe is good for anyone on their feet all day, walking around for work, factory work, and even running errands.

If you like looking stylish and want ultimate comfort, this shoe is for you.

Where to Get the Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe?

It is available from many different places, but my recommendation is Amazon.com.

They are just loved by the community and have the fastest shipping out of everyone, and that’s why I will always recommend Amazon.

They have free deliveries and a 30-day return policy, which gives me a peace of mind in my purchase.

This allows me send the product back if I think I made the wrong choice, and get a full refund.

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Do I Recommend this Shoe?

In my opinion, there is little to hate with this shoe.

Most who purchase absolutely love it for the comfort, the good looks and especially the traction.

It makes an AMAZING indoor basketball shoe, and at this price, it’s virtually a steal.

The only complaint I have is the lack of quality, but you’d expect that in this price range.

The pros and benefits heavily outweigh the cons.

It performs exactly as advertised and most who buy absolutely love it.

Due to all the reasons mentioned in this article, I have no choice but to recommend the Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe.

Alternative/Similar Shoes

Another shoe good for lateral movements and has a little more quality is the Nike AIR Precision II NBK. It’s not as good looking but definitely more durable, and even costs the same.

Otherwise if you’re after more durability without worrying about cost, I would have to recommend the Nike Air Monarch Shoe.

It’s a cross trainer shoe and costs a little more than the Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe, but certainly going to last longer.

My Final Opinion

My final opinion on the Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe is that it is an amazing shoe for the price.

There are lots of good features, ultimate comfort and the best traction for a basketball shoe in this price range.

I placed it #1 in my best basketball shoes.

And that still hasn’t changed after doing this review.

Yes it may need a day or two to break in, and ultimate quality may not be there, but what do you expect at this price range?

It’s a high value for money shoe and I highly recommend it for your basketball adventures!

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Well that concludes my Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe review.

Thanks for reading!

I’m open for discussion. Please leave all your thoughts and opinions in the comments below 🙂

Best Basketball Shoe for the Price
  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Style
  • True to Size
  • Support
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line

This shoe is definitely high value for money thanks to the lightweight, comfort, immense traction and style.

Lots of people love this shoe and few dislike it.

The bottom line is that it is best used for indoor basketball due to the traction it provides, but can also be used for outdoor b-ball and everyday activities.

20 thoughts on “Under Armour Lockdown 4 Review – The King of Traction?”

  1. Hi there and thank you for this amazing review! I really like the Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4, not only they are great to play basketball but they look amazing too, the design changed quite a lot from the older model. Apart from the colour in the picture what other colours are available?

    • Yes they really do look amazing. I think they are the best looking basketball shoes in this price range.

      To me, less is more, and the Under Armor Lockdown 4 nails that concept so well.

  2. Many thanks for sharing this wonderful article with us. My dad is a basketball player and I love watching basketball. My dad purchased the Under Armor Men’s Lockdown 4 shoe that you provided in your article, and it’s really cool and comfortable to look at. The most convenient thing was that it was within my father’s budget. The shoe is very light and available in a variety of colors, but my father likes white, so he took white.

    • That’s awesome Shanta.

      The biggest benefit of this shoe is definitely the affordable price range, and that’s why I have given it such a high rating.

      I will be reviewing more basketball shoes in the future so be sure to look out for those.

  3. I  have a confession, I won’t be using them for indoor basketball, or outdoor for that matter. I’d be looking at using them as an everyday shoe. I live in this type of footwear and only wear formal shoes about two or three times a year.

    I am a big fan of this style of shoe, I like the way you get that support above the ankle. Most trainers, or sneakers, that have no rear support, tend to fold down on themselves after I’ve been wearing them for a few months. That’s not helped by the way I take them off and put them on though. You’d struggle to do that with this style of shoe.

    Having a wide foot has also meant that most shoes I wear regularly, will ultimately go out of shape. This in turn causes me to walk poorly. Having that wide fitment from day one will ensure that my gait remains correct. On top of all that you have the price. At less than seventy dollars a pair, they would seem to be well worth it.

    • You’re just like me, I enjoy using basketball shoes for the design aspect rather than what they’re designed for.

      I like people looking at my kicks and thinking “wow, those are cool shoes”.

      I believe that you could have the most basic outfit that looks average, but add a nice pair of shoes in there, and you could be looking like a million dollars.

      I’m glad you like these shoes and I hope to see you around here more 🙂

  4. Wow, great review, thank you. These shoes look amazing and have some great features that are amazing considering the great price point. Very helpful to know that the sizing may come up a bit small.
    Many thanks for your review.

  5. Great review! These shoes are awesome I love them, I don’t play basketball but I will buy them for my daily use…they look pretty good. Thanks for sharing such a great design

  6. Hey Brandon,

    For me when it comes to buying shoes i looks for 2 things: Comfort & Design. I have bought Nike’s expensive shoes just for the very same reason. I like the fact that you mentioned these shoes are good for people with wide Feet because I have them. My shoe size is almost 13.5 inches. I like the design, it is classy. Just one question: Can I use these shoes for trekking, as i often go out with my friends? Looking forward for your reply…

  7. Hey,

    I love your article, really informative and insightful. The Under Armour brand is brilliant, my nephew got me into UA as he wears them all the time.

    It is his birthday in July so I am going to get him a new pair of Under Armour trainers, thank you for sharing this with us and giving me the idea. Really appreciate it.

    Keep up the amazing work with your articles and your site.

    All the best,


  8. Hello, Thank you for a great article.

    I can already think of some of my outfits that it will complement.

    I am not a good basketball player so I might not use it for that purpose at all, although my younger brother will find it comfortable for playing

  9. I want to say a big thanks to you. The colors are amazing. I basically have a wide feet so this is my type and I also love the fact that It’s not just restricted to only Indoors basketball, but for casual use too. It’s awesome and I’ll definitely work towards getting mine.

  10. Hi, Brandon.
    Thanks for sharing your review of under armour men’s  Lockdown shoe. 13.6 Ounce weight is an impressive figure. The wide feet design and size up to 16 is making this shoe somewhat different. I would love to recommend it to my uncle who fits in both these categories. Though he is not a basketball player but changes Brands due to his wide feet.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur


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