Weightlifting Shoes: To Buy or Not to Buy?

Should you invest in a pair of weightlifting shoes and take your gym sessions to the next level?

I’ve been lifting weights since I was 18 years old.

I am now 28 and have never touched a weightlifting shoe in my life.

It has not hindered my ogress whatsoever.

In fact it has caused me to get my form correct because, well, stability is compromised with traditional sneakers.

And I can’t afford to topple over and break something.

After working out for 10 years I have only had 1 injury. It lasted 4 days.

I pulled a muscle in my lower back while doing heavy stiff legs with a barbell. I put too much weight on the bar that I wasn’t ready for.

That was not long ago actually, maybe 1 month ago.

After working out for 10 years, others might not be so lucky.

So what was the secret to my success and only 1 injury during this timeframe?

It wasn’t the lack of weightlifting shoes.

It’s the fact that I get my form correct every single time. Because injuries are not worth it.

Now after 10 years and massive gains made, is it safe to say that weightlifting shoes are mute and a waste of time and money?

No, not at all.

So hear me out.

First and foremost, what’s a weightlifting shoe designed to do?

Essentially a weightlifting shoe is designed to help you lift heavy loads without causing injuries.

Think of it as a safety precaution as well as a tool to better your performance.

That’s the best way I can describe a weightlifting shoe to a newbie.

When doing compound movements like squats, cleans and snatches, there is massive learning curve.

These exercises require so much concentration, stability and the right form.

Well a weightlifting is supposed to make this easier.

Lets take the squat for example.

Wear traditional sneakers, put some weights on a barbell, get under it, put it on your back and squat that sucker.

A bit of movement in the ankles, hips, legs, and knees, correct?

Now imagine doubling, or even tripling the weight on that bar.

There’s going to be much more movement in those body parts.

And more importantly a lot of energy lost. Those body parts that are moving are leaking energy.

They’re taking away from the lift.

By using a weightlifting shoe, you are keeping your ankles in check, your calves in place, your knees and your hips tight.

There’s way less energy and drive lost.

You’re harnessing all that energy from the ground up and pushing it into the lift, allowing you to lift heavier, putting more stress on the quads and essentially resulting in more gains.

Lets look at the snatch.

A pretty basic movement…upon first glance that is.

Little do you know this is a full body exercise.

If you can keep everything tight (core, back, etc), the right form, and more importantly concentration, you can harness the energy that wasn’t lost, into the actual lift.

There’s a reason why professional lifters use weightlifting shoes, because they work.

And they allow you to lift more.

How important are they for the typical “gym bro”?

If you landed on this page there’s a good chance you’re a typical gym bro that got told by your other gym bro that you need some weightlifting shoes.

In my opinion gym bros do not need them, but it also won’t hurt.

It depends on how deep do you want to go into the “gym bro” culture.

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, a gym bro is someone who goes to the gym for bro gains.

They do it for the girls and to be bigger than his gym partner.

They go 3 – 5 times a week and surround the bench press about 4 of those 5 days.

They might throw in some back and arm stuff on the 5th day, and the typical leg day once a month just so they don’t fall in the category of skipping leg day.

All in all, their chest is the biggest and strongest part on their body because they do bench press 80% of the time.

So is it worth copping a pair of weightlifting shoes if you’re a gym bro?

Nah, it’s a waste of money. Learn to do more leg stuff before you even contemplate stepping into such a marvelous creation.

You’ll buy them and use them once, then they’ll sit in the back of the closet for the rest of its days.

How important are they for veteran lifters?

Now we’re talking.

You’ll know if you’re a veteran lifter.

You go to the gym for PRs. Not just on the bench but for every damn exercise in that b*tch.

Veteran lifters hit legs for the sake of proportion

Yeah they might hate it but they know they need to get it done, because they understand the consequences for not doing so.

Those consequences are looking like Johnny Bravo.

Johnny Bravo

Legend has it:

Johnny hits chest 6.5 out of 7 days a week.

We get it bro you’re huge. But you aren’t fooling nobody with those spaghetti legs.

Keep in mind that veteran lifters cover a pretty large population.

Veteran lifters range from the lone wolf who wants to better himself, to the bodybuilder, to the Olympic lifter.

Veteran lifters have been lifting for at least 5 years and strive to be the best they can be, in every way possible, even if that means destroying their quads once a week.

So that begs the question.

Are weightlifting shoes worth it for veteran lifters?

You bet they are.

Should You Get Some?

Well you already know the answer to that.

What are your goals?

What are you trying to get out of the gym?

Are you a gym bro? Someone that hit legs once or twice a month?

Then you’ll be wasting your money on lifting shoes.

But if you’re a lifter that loves destroying legs, loves hitting new PRs on the snatch, or you’re training for a competition, then hell to the yes you should get some.

Are Weightlifting Shoes Worth it?

Yes, they really are worth it.

They decrease the chance of injuries happening, they hit deeper squats, they stabilize you for heavy compound lifts, and they correct your form for bigger Personal Records.

Now whether or not you should get some for yourself is another story.

Only you know the answer to that.

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