What are Air Jordans?

Air Jordans are an amazing sneaker. If you ever see someone with a pair of Air Jordans, you automatically think that person has a great sense of fashion.

Nike Air Jordan

Because only those willing to drop a couple hundred bucks on some shoes are the easiest to stand out.

Today I want to talk about air Jordans, what they are, where they are from, the cost and everything else in between.

I’ve owned many pairs of Air Jordans in the past and I want to share everything that I know.

I hope you enjoy.

What are Air Jordans?

Air Jordans are a basketball shoe designed for the basketball star; Michael Jordan by the popular shoe brand; Nike.

Nike knew they were onto something big when they signed a deal to work with the NBA rookie in 1984.

And at the very least, kids will buy his shoes.

In 1984 they were designed exclusively for Jordan, then in late 1984 they were released to the public and broke records.

It turns out in 1986 they sold $100 million dollars worth of shoes and clothing.

Today they are used for basketball, athletic wear, casual use and fashion.

Air Jordans are renown for their clear and concise stitching, even spacing, perfect symmetry, neatly embroidered logos and flawless design.

One of the reasons they done so well and continue to sell like hot cakes in 2020.

Where are Air Jordans Manufactured?

Air Jordan’s are made in China.

The cost to build a pair of Air Jordans and get them shipped to the United States is much cheaper than getting them manufactured in the USA.

In China, the cost to create a pair of Air Jordans is around $16.

However, it’s not uncommon to see some Air Jordans say “made in China” and others say “made in Vietnam”.

Are Air Jordans Made in Vietnam Fake?

Air Jordans made in Vietnam are not actually fake.

Nike sometimes has parts of a shoe made in Vietnam and others made in China.

It’s not the entire shoe made in one specific country and that’s why you might see “made in China/Vietnam” on the same shoe.

It does not mean they are fake, Nike has partners in many different countries.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s not dodgy Air Jordans out there because there definitely is, and I’m here to help you spot them.

How to Tell if Air Jordans are Fake

There are lots of fake Air Jordans out there.

I mean, they’re a huge success within the sneaker community, fakes are inevitable.

In my opinion, the easiest way to spot a fake is to check the box they came in.

There should be a strong and sturdy box with the original Jumpman logo, along with a sticker outlining all manufacture information.

But what if you don’t have the box?

Check the quality of the shoe.

The shoe should have professional stitching, neatly embroidered logo, finished stitching and a downright perfectly made shoe.

If the stitching is blurred, frayed or doesn’t go right to the end, or if the logo is sloppy and misaligned or crooked, there’s a 99% chance you’re looking at a massive fake.

Fortunately I have done an entire article on spotting fake Jordans here if you would like more tips.

How Much are Air Jordans?

So why are Air Jordans so high priced when Nike only pays about $16 for one pair?

Well you are paying for status, you are paying for the brand, the history and product line.

All companies are out to make as much money as possible, that’s a fact.

Jordan fans have proven that they will continue to buy, no matter the price.

People want status. Having such a high priced shoe is going to “show off” that they have lots of money.

It’s in our DNA to feel important, so people have no problem dropping a few hundred dollars to look better than everyone else.

It makes complete sense for Nike to keep the price high for maximum profits. If they continue to sell, then why not?

You will not see a 100% authentic pair of Air Jordans sell under $100.

And if you do, it’s most likely a fake.

Are Air Jordans Good for Basketball?

Of course Air Jordans are are good for basketball.

The man Michael Jordan himself wore these bad boys and went on to win 6 NBA Championships and two three-peats.

Plus when you look at all the reviews of the many different Air Jordans released, they all have well over 4/5 stars.

They are some of the best basketball shoes ever released because they provide great comfort and stability during quick cuts and dodges.

They have tremendous traction, both on the forefoot and heel and they last a long time even with frequent use

These are all the features that make Air Jordans some of the best basketball shoes in the world.

What Else are Air Jordans Good For?

Nike Air Jordans are much more than a basketball shoe.

Those who have no interest in playing basketball love them and collect them just because of how cool they look.

They are also good for casual wear, “flexing” on social media, or even flexing in real life just to look cool and appear to have lots of money.

There are two reasons people buy Air Jordans.

1 – to play basketball

2 – to “show off”

Lets take a closer look at #2.

People are willing to pay a substantial amount of money to look cool and increase their self-esteem even if they don’t need the shoe or can’t afford it.

So Air Jordans are not just a basketball shoe, they are much more than that and can be used for lots of different reasons.

Pros and Cons


  • Some of the best looking shoes in the world
  • Great for basketball
  • Have lots of traction, stability and comfort
  • Very high quality shoes
  • Will give you style points and make you stand out


  • Very costly considering the low price Nike pays for labor and materials
  • Lots of fakes out there

In Conclusion

Nike Air Jordans, even though very overpriced, are still very popular to this day and show no signs of slowing down.

Many Jordan fans will continue buying these shoes due to the design and the status they give to the wearer.

I have experienced it. I love the compliments and the smiles you get from strangers.

But is it all worth it?

Absolutely it is, but only if you can afford it.

I do not recommend them if you’re earning $1000 a month and somehow manage to slap $300 on a new pair of Jordans.

Because I don’t want you to go broke.

But other than that, they are amazing shoes for basketball and make you stand out no matter where you are.

Well thanks for reading this article all about Nike Air Jordans, and I hope you have a great day.

Please leave all your questions and concerns in the comments below 🙂


12 thoughts on “What are Air Jordans?”

  1. Hi Brandon, 

    Great post about Air Jordans! 

    You’re right about the price, how you are paying for a status symbol. Kind of like iPhones. But just like an iPhone, they are definitely stylish and high quality!

    Also that’s some good tips to check that you aren’t getting ripped off by buying fake shoes – will definitely keep those tips in mind. 

    Thanks for the info,


  2. Thanks Brandon for this review on the Air Jordan sneakers. It is such a quality brand, I’m not surprised someone would make fake ones. Thanks for letting us know how to identify a fake one. My son plays for the basketball team at his university. I’m sure he would love to read this post. I’ll send him the link. 

  3. Air Jordan’s are awesome and I have been really involved with them right from the onset. I love the simplicity and the perfectness in the way the air Jordan’s are always structured. Also, I like their breathability and so much more. Though I have always ordered them online, and I never checked if any was less than 120$. Thanks

    • Hey mate, that’s awesome you like Air Jordans and you’re a big fan.

      It can be dangerous buying Jordan shoes online because there are a lot of knock-offs.

      It’s very important to know how to spot fakes when buying online and not getting ripped off.

      Can I ask what site you use?

  4. Hello there…….I must say that you did a very fantastic job on this article….Flashy and stylistic like MJ himself.

    It’s no secret that Jordan’s signature kicks turned the shoe game on its axis, but it’s fair to say few predicted the monumental global success of the Jordan brand.From the Air Jordan I to the newest Air Jordan XXXIV, I have used all 34 pairs of Nike Air Jordan shoes.

    Thanks regards,


    • Definitely you hit the nail on the head there.

      Nike really took a gamble partnering with the NBA 4 decades ago, but they had good intentions and thought at the very least the kids will like his shoes.

      Fortunately they caught more than the eyes of kids.

      Everyone wanted Air Jordans and that’s why to this day they still net 2.5 billion dollars per year!

  5. Michael Jordan is one of my favorite basketball players and the Air Jordan brand is at the top of my list of favorites. Nike Air Jordans are still very popular today.

    They are so nice to look at, attractive as well as very comfortable to wear and very useful for playing basketball.

    Can I share your article on my social media?

    • That’s awesome that you like Michael Jordan shoes, because they definitely are some of the best designer shoes in the world.

      Heck, you just need to look at the amount of sales per year to see how successful they are.

      Even after 36 years they are still at the top!

      Yes you can share to social media, I would actually prefer if you do 🙂



  6. I love the air Jordan so much because of its high quality, traction and feel. Its one of my favorite shoes. The concern i have lately has been spotting out the fake because I am aware there are lots of fake shoes out there, your review is indeed a life saver because we can now escape that pitfall. The cons of getting a fake Nike Air Jordan are really grave because of the health hazards, you risk having injuries on the toes or brushes as a result of poor materials and balancing used on the fakes. 

    I also suggest one other way to ensure you never fall for the fakes is to make your purchase from certified Nike shops or retailers in this way you get a quality guarantee and value for your money.

    • Hey Creators Hub.

      It’s a pain in the ass trying to figure out what’s real and what’s fake. But at the end of the day, people will always try to sell fakes and replicas just to make a quick buck.

      It’s with anything in life.

      That is a great point you bring up about buying from official Nike stores.

      However, most Air Jordans are limited edition so there’s absolutely no way of getting the one you want without buying it second hand.

      That’s why it’s so important to learn how to spot fake Jordans to avoid getting ripped off.

      All the best!



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