What are Croc Shoes? [Origin, Features, Benefits]

Ever wondered what that weird looking man downtown was wearing when you looked at his feet?

Green and Purple Crocs

No doubt you’re just like everyone else and thought this person was crazy.

And so did I.

There’s a running joke that the holes in croc shoes are where your dignity leaks out of.

But love ’em or hate ’em, these colorful plastic clogs are here to stay, so you may want to reconsider getting yourself some after reading this article.

Here I am going to explain exactly what crocs are, the pros and cons and what I personally think of them.


What are Croc Shoes?

Essentially, they are a clog shoe made entirely out of foam.

These shoes are made for summertime thanks to the holes in the shoes which promotes air flow and allows a comfortable and extremely lightweight experience for outdoor activities.

Common uses of crocs are:

  • Running to the store
  • Walking around the city
  • Doing yard work
  • Taking a walk around the block
  • Going to the beach
  • And much more

The first pair of crocs were designed back in 2002 which were unveiled at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in Florida and quickly sold out the 200 pairs they had produced.

To this day they have sold over of 300 million pairs!

The classic style and most basic of the crocs are available in 20 different colors.

But they also produce a large number of different colors, designs and styles, mostly pallet of 4-6 colors or a simple 2-color combination.

Originally crocs were designed for summertime or warm weather conditions, however, they are now manufacturing winter crocs.

The winter crocs still possess the original design but with a line of fleecing for insulation in cold conditions.

What are Crocs Made Of?

These amazing shoes are soft yet extremely durable, so what are they made out of?

Crocs are made from a foam resin called Croslite, a polymer made out of ethylene-vinyl acetate (or EVA).

This material is crack resistant, UV-ray resistant, and virtually odor free!

All this combined allows the shoe to be comfortable, soft, lightweight, odorless and very sturdy all at the same time.

Are Crocs Being Discontinued?

Manufacturers of crocs stated back in 21 July, 2014 that they were closing all manufacturing facilities.

And it caused a bit of a panic among the croc community.

But shortly after, that rumor was laid to rest when they said they were NOT going out of business and crocs are here to stay!

So you can stop with the mini heart attack, they definitely are not being discontinued and crocs are still available and will be for quite some time.

Features of Croc Shoes


These shoes are amazingly lightweight and doesn’t even feel like they’re on the feet when worn.

Funnily enough, crocs were worn in a marathon and the guy came 16th out of 500 participants.

I mean, you can’t say that these shoes didn’t play a huge part.

I think they did, and it would’ve been the light weight and comfortableness of these shoes.


Comfortable doesn’t even begin to describe how good these shoes feel on the feet.

It’s one of the reasons you see people wearing these shoes literally everywhere you go.

UV-Ray Resistant

The materials used to make crocs mean these shoes are safe from the suns harsh UV-rays, making them a perfect choice for summertime.

This is especially true for hanging out with friends, going to the beach, etc.

Plus they can be left completely outside, all day, everyday.

Crack Resistant

Croc shoes are so strong and durable that cracking is non-existent and a good reason they can be worn in extreme conditions without risk of damage.

Heel Strap

Crocs can either be worn with or without an ankle strap.

The strap can be used when you need to keep the shoe in place without moving, else left off to be worn as a regular flip flop but with added protection.

Air Holes

Yes regular flip flops give you maximum air flow but there’s minimal protection.

The air holes in croc shoes promote air flow to keep the feet cool while still providing protection from the glass, dirt, bees, and all other dangers that come from regular flip flops.

Increased Width

These shoes are extremely wide and non-restricting in the toe box area, which is great for people with wide feet or deformities such as bunions or hammertoes.

That’s why some people strictly stick to these shoes only, because they provide the increased width and toe box that other shoes don’t offer.

Pros and Cons of Crocs


  • Just as comfortable as normal shoes
  • Provides lots of ventilation and air flow to keep the wearer cool
  • Very lightweight, doesn’t even feel like they’re on the foot
  • Great for a variety of activities
  • Packed with lots of features
  • Strong, durable and lasts for many years thanks to the UV-ray and crack resistance


  • Lack of heel support. Yes there is an ankle strap, but those with narrow feet may find their foot moving around
  • Blisters galore. A lot of those who wear crocs all the time experience blisters due to the constant friction on the rubber material
  • Cannot wear socks. Wearing socks with rubber is going to promote sweat and cause more blisters to happen

When and Not to Wear Crocs

Beach Sand

These shoes should only be worn for short periods of time and not all day, everyday.

They are good for minimal distances only and should stay that way.

What are examples of minimal distances?

  • Running errands
  • Going out in the yard (especially in the rain since the holes allow the crocs to drain so quickly)
  • Going to yoga class
  • Going to the pool
  • Going to the beach
  • Any other water-based activity

Yes they are good for many activities but should never be substituted for a regular shoe, unless of course crocs are the only shoe that you can wear due to deformities or illness.

But in that case you need to see a doctor and get help.

As a rule of thumb: Wear them sparingly. Wear them as you would regular flip flops.

Are Crocs Slip-Resistant?

You bet they are.

They were originally designed as a boating shoe, which of course, is going to need lots of traction to not slip off the side of the boat!

So yes, crocs definitely are slip-resistant and a great choice for any activity that requires maximum grip.

Why Do People Love Crocs?

A lot of people love crocs for the comfort, the air flow and light weight they provide.

Even doctors have come out and said that these provide good support for high arch people, and those who suffer from edema (which is swelling or inflammation).

You’ll often see people with foot deformities or weirdly shaped feet who love these shoes and wear them often.

Why Do People Hate Crocs?

Well the main reason is that they are completely and utterly hideous!

Another reason is that they don’t provide a good amount of support and can be an issue for those with narrow feet.

Some people purchase these thinking they offer amazing support, but their narrow feet just create a massive problem.

What I Think of Crocs

Personally I hate them.

I think they’re extremely ugly, I would never want to be seen with them and I’m going to do what I have always done and stay as far away as I can.

However, that’s just my personal opinion, you may love them and that’s completely fine.

They do have their pros and cons, they are good quality and have many benefits in the real world.

But I’m just not a big fan of these weird looking shoes and it’s going to stay that way!

So that’s my final opinion.

I’m glad you came here and read my article.

If you have any questions regarding crocs I would love to hear them. Please leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

24 thoughts on “What are Croc Shoes? [Origin, Features, Benefits]”

  1. I first laughed when I saw Croc shoes. I wondered if anyone was wearing this. We now have 4 or 5 pairs in the house – all sizes. My husband wears them, my son wears them, and I also wear them. However, for my taste, they are not elegant enough to wear them around the city, but I wear them in the house, on the beach, and in the yard.

    • Hahaha, fortunately I would have to agree with you BlueMoon.

      I think most people don’t even care about the appearance, they just love them for the comfort.

      It’s cool you wear them around the house and the yard, at least you’re making good use of them.

      Plus no ones going to judge you if you wear them at the beach anyway. I think that is a genius idea.

      I actually mentioned the beach in this article, where I outline the 10 best places to wear crocs

  2. This is a great review and gave me a good laugh 🙂 I would have to agree with your opinion on them. I have never owned a pair and don’t plan on it. I don’t care for the look of them and also, I have narrow feet so they’d be no good for me. I never really understood why these became so popular, but I guess because I’ve never tried them. I can imagine they are very comfortable, but I’m good with my regular shoes. Thanks for the post! 

    • Sure there are a lot of negatives, but for those that love them for the comfort, the negatives go out the window.

      And it goes with what I stand by everyday, that you should follow comfort before chasing the looks.

      So at the end of the day they work wonders for those that don’t care about the looks because they feel like they’re walking on clouds anyway.

  3. The summer season is coming and this croc shoe is very popular during this summer season. This shoe is a very comfortable and incredibly lightweight experience for open-air exercises. But I don’t like these shoes too much. But my father and brother like this shoe very much. Definitely I’ll share your article with my father and brother. I think this article will benefit everyone who likes Croc shoes. Thanks

    • Hey Sabrinamou 🙂

      Like father like son aye, that’s why they both love these shoes. I’m like you,  I don’t like these shoes at all, lol.

      But thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment.

  4. Hi Brandon, I landed on your page after doing some research on Croc Shoes, the reason why I was researching was not that I wanted to get me a pair but rather for a different reason.

    See, I am used to seeing them in the summer but today I went to my local supermarket for grocery shopping and I saw some Crocs and I wondered why they have them in the winter but upon close examination, I discovered that these are not Summer Crocs but rather well-insulated winter crocs with a soft and warm fleece lining.

    Just like you, I don’t like Crocs and I can’t wear them anyway even if I liked them because I am one of those people you mentioned with narrow feet lol.

    The reason I was researching about them, I wanted to know where they originated from, and why people love them so much. Where I live I see tourists wearing them especially the tourists from the Scandinavian countries and they wear them with socks even if they are wearing shorts. It’s a very weird look.

    So since I have seen the winter version of Crocs, does that mean we are going to see them all year round?

    Honestly, I think Crocs are not the most stylish looking shoes to wear.

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your article thank you so much for the info.


    • Yes you are correct.

      There are actually winter crocs now, designed to offer the same comfort as the regular summer crocs, but a lot warmer.

      We are going to see more and more people wearing crocs as a result of this new construction.

      But in my opinion, I kind of like the winter crocs, they’re definitely much better than the original.

      I’ve tried them on and they’re incredibly warm and comfortable.

      I might have to go against my own beliefs and get some just for around the home.

  5. My dad would really appreciate this article! He has very bad feet so he’s been wearing crocs for years. No bending over to shove a foot into a crampy snug fit. No need to worry about socks. Even in the winter, he wears his crocs to church and everywhere else. I’m glad he’s found something so comfortable. I’m going to send him the link to this article. 🙂

    • That’s awesome! It’s common for people to have a high arch or wide feet to find these comfortable.

      However, do let him know that they should not be used for long periods of time, as problems can arise later down the line which will sneak up on you.

      I explain everything about that in this article.

  6. Hello Brandon, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I have croc shoes and I can definitely agree with you. They are so comfortable, I enjoy wearing them in the summer. I have old ones so I need to get a new pair for this year, thank you for sharing its origins, I did not know anything about it.

    • Hey Danijel, I’m glad you found this article helpful. 

      They are great for summertime but there are also winter crocs with fleece lining which are becoming more popular.

      I’m curious to know, do you think you’ll start wearing those as well?

  7. These shoes do not appeal to me in the least. My sisters wear them and even my brother i have see him wearing them occasionally, but they are definitely not my style. I have never bought a pair and probably never will. However, I am surprise to find out how useful they can be. Now I understand why people would wear them, they are putting comfort before sex appeal. And that is OK! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

    • I used to be on your side of the fence, one to look the other at the sight of these shoes.

      But now I’m thinking of just keeping some for around the house considering I can use them in the yard or at the beach, since they are more accepted at aquatic activities.

      Here’s to the crocs! Lol

  8. Hi Brandon! I like to wear croc shoes. I must admit that the first time I saw one was in an occasion I was away from home and I had left all my footwear. I needed to go to the local supermarket walking and buy some stuff but had no shoes to go so the lady in the house house handed me a pair of crocs. I felt so uncomfortable in the supermarket that day. About 3 or 4 years after that I saw everybody wearing them.

    • Interesting story Ann, thanks for sharing.

      They are so popular that those who rock them don’t even feel embarrassed in them anymore.

      And it appears they are here to stay so we might as well get used to the eyesore, lol.

  9. I’m of the same opinion as you. I have never been a fan of Crocs in this style as they are definitely not the most attractive piece of footwear. I’d rather buy a shoe just as comfortable, but not so ridiculous-looking. I must say that I did own a pair of Croc loafer-style shoes and appreciated their lightness and breathability. However, they looked more like a casual dress shoe than the pastel monstrosities that these are. Thanks for sharing your honest opinion!

    • Hahaha, absolutely my friend.

      But as they always say, don’t knock it ’til you try it and I think that rings true when it comes to these lightweight beasts.

  10. Thanks for this article on Croc Shoes. When I first saw this in the market it didn’t catch my interest because of the design. But as I read this article considering the pros and cons I think I can have one basically for the rainy season because of its durability and it could easily dry. 

    Are there any signs or trademarks when buying this kind of shoes? Fake products are rampant these days.

    • Real crocs will have their logo on it which is the easiest way to know if it’s real or not.

      Another way is to look at the holes. If they’re square shape, triangular shape or any shape other than circles, they are fake.

      Crocs are really smooth and sleek looking, have circular holes, a croc logo and an adjustable back strap. If it does not look like that then they are fake.

      Hope this answers your question.

  11. I confess that your article is more intriguing than most. Quote: “Personally I hate them” Well. Erm…!

    In this wish-washy world of greys and fuzzy standards, it’s so refreshing to meet a man who knows his mind. Frankly, they look dreadful, but isn’t that going to be part of the fun?

    For one thing, they sound really comfortable, so now out of nowhere, I’m suddenly on the hunt for these weird-looking, plasticky horrors, which demonstrates why one has to be careful what one reads. I am a bit concerned about what would be for me a major issue: blisters. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze if we’re talking about physical injury. Still, these Crocs sound worth a try. I’m a size 14 (UK–no idea what that is in other countries) but do they make Crocs that large?

    • Hey tayo! Definitely, ugly crocs are a part of the fun!

      Size 14 in UK is 12 US. And yes, they definitely make them large, extra large in fact.

      They go all the way up to US 17, which is 16.5 in UK.

      Let me know if you get some and whether or not you like them 🙂


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