What are the Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin Shoes? [Review]

The Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin appears to be a great show from the get-go and the love from the community to back it up.

Nike Mens Air Max 270 Bowfin Running Shoe

I like shoes that stand out from the crowd and gets attention from others, which is clearly what Nike wanted to happen.

But that is not the end all be all, as the most important factor is the comfort.

How comfortable is it?

Does it feel as good as it looks?

There are many questions and concerns that need to be addressed and that’s what I’m going to do in this Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin review.

What is the Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin?

The 270 Bowfin was inspired by a fish that can breath under water and on land.

Hence the futuristic colorways and design.

It takes versatility to a whole new level.

It combines the features of a trail shoe with that of water moccasins.

Basically what this means is that it can “do it all”.

They feature a slip on design, constructed of a leather textile upper, rope laces for extreme security and a rubber oustole for traction.

It also includes Nike’s Air Max heel unit which is Nike’s best responsive cushioning to date.

The heel unit compresses on impact and returns to its original shape instantly, resulting in a very responsive and cushioned ride no matter the surface.

I have reviewed many shoes and I can tell that this one stands out because it has durability, comfort, and versatility in mind.

But lets see how it really performs and what it can be used for.

Performance Review

Nike Mens Air Max 270 Bowfin Running Shoe 2

This shoe takes the original Air Max 270 and gives it a more rugged look and feel.

This along with the mesh upper, nylon, leather materials and hefty outsole allow it to be used virtually anywhere.

Although that’s what Nike claims. Whether or not they do actually perform for anything outdoors, only research will tell.

Lets find out.

People say they are incredibly versatile.

They can be used for trail running and then semi-formal settings, as the black ones don’t look like sneakers.

They receive lots of compliments, they ask where they got them from and what they are.

They are extremely comfortable but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Some use them for walking, running, standing all day for their job or simply running errands because that’s how comfortable they are.

And others use them at the gym for weightlifting, cross training, cardio or running on the treadmill.

They really do perform for almost anything out there and I think that’s something worth emphasizing.

It’s not everyday you find a versatile shoe such as this one, it’s definitely one of its strongest points.

Regarding the quality construction, they are made with durable materials and proven to last a long time.

They should easily last a few years.

So do they perform?

Absolutely, as they have proven to work for almost anything out there, especially outdoor settings and I have no problems its capabilities.

The Negatives

Nike Mens Air Max 270 Bowfin Running Shoe 3

Yes there are some bad things about this shoe that may make you change your mind.

Not a lot of ventilation

Firstly, they can get hot as the mesh material is not highly breathable.

However, you have to keep in mind that this is done on purpose to add durability which is what makes them usable in almost any situation.

Tight collar

Secondly, the collar is a little smaller than other sneakers which may require more “oomph” to get into.

This does not happen with everybody but there are a couple of complaints about it.

And that’s all there is to it when it comes to the negative aspects.

Everyone else has a problem with the narrow toe box and how much the sizing is off.

That’s why I will talk about the sizing confusion once again so you understand how to get the perfect fit.

Size confusion

Secondly, the sizing can be a little confusing.

For some people the shoe is too narrow in the front, which is caused by wearing the wrong size.

I highly recommend going 1/2 size up whether you already wear Nike or not.

And if you have wide feet or even a wide forefoot, you better go 1 full size up as the toe area is narrow.


Some people think the laces are NOT meant to be tied and all you need to do is tighten the ripcord and leave it hanging loose and leave it dragging on the ground.

Some go to the extent of cutting it shorter!

However, they got half of it correct.

You have to tighten the ripcord and secure the laces which is what gives it extra security.

For some reason people leave the laces hanging loose and dragging on the ground.

Are these negatives a big deal?

For some people they might be a deal breaker but in my opinion they aren’t bad at all.


All of Nike shoes run small anyway, the tight collar only happens with few people, and the lack of ventilation is to increase the durability with extra material.

Plus the laces is the users fault, not the actual shoe.

Those that don’t tie the laces up and let them drag on the ground is their own fault and has nothing to do with the performance capabilities.


Nike Mens Air Max 270 Bowfin Running Shoe 4

How long do these shoes last compared to the price?

Well they range in price from $100 – $200.

Shoes at this price should last for years and that couldn’t be anymore truer with the Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin.

Most buyers claim they last for years, while a small majority say they only lasted a few months.

At the end of the day not all shoes are made equal and a few small bad apples shouldn’t ruin the bunch.

You should easily get a couple of years out of them without much hiccups, especially at this price!

The Price & Where to Buy

The bad news is that Nike has discontinued these shoes and I don’t know if they’ll be releasing them again.

On the other hand, you can still buy them from other places online, Amazon being my favorite.

They have many different colorways and the prices vary, so I would rather you check out the current prices before making any decisions.

Amazon also has a 30-day return policy so you can send your purchase back, no questions asked.

The Pros and Cons


  • Unbelievable comfort
  • One of the most versatile shoes I have seen
  • Beautiful construction, high quality with attention to detail
  • Goes with almost anything
  • Lots of support and security


  • Steep price tag
  • A little narrow in the forefoot
  • They run a little small

Do I Recommend the Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin?

There’s one big problem that you should know.

The toe box is a little narrow and those with wide feet find them too tight.

Fortunately you can go up 1 whole size if that’s the case.

Otherwise if you do not have wide feet, simply go up 1/2 a size instead.

The other problems are very minor as the pros far outweigh the cons.

Is it worth the price?

That’s an easy yes.

Do they have maximum quality?

Maybe not, but it seems most people are happy with their purchase and how long they last.

In my opinion these are definitely worth the money as they put an emphasis on comfort and versatility, and to me that is a big winner.

Sure they’re expensive for the average consumer, but definitely have the construction, quality and comfort to back it up!

The Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin are highly recommended.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day it comes down to what your needs are and whether or not you’re after quality.

Because these offer that plus a lot more.

They are so versatile that you can go from running up and down the gym, to a semi-formal setting like the office, especially the black pair.

I’ve bared everything I could find regarding this sneaker and it’s up to you to make your decision.

If you still have any questions and concerns please drop me a comment down below.

Otherwise thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

Get the Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin from Amazon.com

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