What are Yeezy Shoes? (Yeezys Explained in 5 Minutes)

Have you come across something called “Yeezys” and wondered what the heck they were? I’m not surprised.

Yeezy Shoes

The name sure has a ring to it and has made headlines all over the world.

But what are Yeezys, what makes them so special and why are they all the rage these days?

Well in this article I’m going to get to the bottom of things and get you up to date with Yeezys and why they’re the most influential sneaker brand in the world.

Enjoy 🙂

What are Yeezys?

Yeezy is a fashion collaboration between the celebrity Kanye West and the German shoe brand, Adidas, and first hit the shelves in 2015.

The Yeezy brand mainly focuses on shoes and that’s why it has become so famous, but they also have jackets, t-shirts, track pants and socks.

Yeezys are not cheap and are very high up price.

That’s why those who are fashion-savvy or love dressing to impress are the types of people to invest in these shoes.

You will often see Kanye himself, celebrities and even sports enthusiasts wearing his brand.

However, it’s not uncommon to see everyday people walking around with a pair of Yeezy sneakers. It just means they like to dress to impress.

And that they do…considering the price of Yeezys range from $250 to $550.

And don’t even get me started on the resell prices, which go all the way into the thousands.

The most expensive at the time of writing this article is the Nike Air Yeezy 2 SP ‘Red October’  which is selling for a whopping $6,000 – $11,000 on eBay.

The Red October actually sold for $225 when first released. It just goes to show how in demand Yeezy shoes are.

Why are Yeezys So Expensive?

Yeezys on eBay

The short and simple answer is that Adidas make a limited stock of shoes at a time. It’s the simple law of supply and demand.

For example:

He might only make 500 shoes for 10,000 people.

Kanye is incredibly smart. He has learnt what the people love and want and knows exactly what to give to them.

And because of that, his shoes sell like hotcakes. They really do sell out in a matter minutes and resold on eBay and other reselling sites for increased profits.

These shoes are so in demand that America has clearly shown they will buy Yeezys no matter the price.

Which means Yeezys are always going to sell even with the expensive price tags!

Did Kanye Intend For These to Be So Expensive?

Absolutely not.

Kanye is a nice and genuine guy and really just wanted to create shoes that the average consumer could afford.

But because they are designer shoes, they’re not going to be your usual $25 shoes that fall apart after 1 month.

So they were never intended to be so expensive, they were and still are priced for the average consumer.

And now that Yeezys are so in demand, it makes sense to keep them that way.

Yeezys New Boost Technology

Boost is well known for its boost technology and another good reason these shoes are so expensive and in demand.

Boost is a technology that provides soft and responsive cushioning in its midsole, which is made from thousands of particles.

As a result they work together and provide the wearer with more energy in every stride.

What are the Main Benefits of Boost?

1. Comfort

These shoes offer extreme comfort when worn and the reason you’ll see people wearing them just for the fashion aspect.

They don’t even run, they just like them for aesthetics and comfort!

2. Durability

These shoes are made with durable materials and are bound to last a long time even with years of frequent use.

They’re known to run mile after mile without ANY loss of performance.

3. Flexibility

They play as a designer shoe, walking shoe and running shoe, and that’s what makes them so great.

Whether you just want to show off your outfit, take a stroll in the park, go out to dinner or go for a 10 mile run, these shoes are good for all of them.

4. Extreme Conditions

Yeezys re known to withstand extreme conditions thanks to the Boost technology and high durability.

You can pound through snow, rain, puddles, high winds and still feel like you’re running on a clear sunny day.

Kanye and His Love For Designer Shoes

Kanye West actually started designing shoes long before he became famous.

He always had a love for shoes but he kept it on the back burner while he focused on his music career.

It wasn’t until he found himself on a plane with Nike CEO Mark Parker, that he decided to draw a sketch of a shoe.

It was at this moment that Mark said, “This guys interesting, let’s do a shoe with him”.

And that’s when Yeezy began. He decided to use his fame and social media following to kick off his designer shoe career.

But there were a few hiccups along the way that lead Kanye to abandon Nike altogether and move on to Adidas.

Nike refused to pay celebrities royalties on their shoes and Kanye wanted to do more than Nike was offering him.

So he collaborated with Adidas which was the best thing he ever did because now Yeezys are booming.

Where Did The Name Yeezy Come From?

Kanye has worked with multiple celebrities and one of them is called Jay-Z.

Jay-Z gave Kanye West the nickname Kanyeezy (back in 2003 when he was doing a song with him) and that’s where Yeezy from.

Buying a Pair of Yeezy Shoes at Retail Price is Not Easy

There’s a cult like following of Yeezys on social media and they are out to get their dirty little hands on every little Yeezy shoe they can.

Your chances of actually purchasing a shoe as soon as it gets released is extremely slim.

These people know release dates, they know how long they’ll be on sale for and they know how much will be in stock.

Basically, they are Yeezys biggest fans and they will stop at nothing to get what they want.

So the chances for you actually going on to the Yeezy website and purchasing a brand new pair of Yeezys are extremely slim.

They really do sell out within minutes.

But definitely give it a try!

Beware of Resellers

Like I said, these shoes are high in demand with limited stock.

You’re very lucky if you manage to buy a brand new pair before they sell out.

However, it’s not uncommon for fake Yeezys to be sold as real and brand new, so keep that in mind if you decide to purchase a second hand pair.

Are Yeezys Worth It?

This is coming from a personal perspective of course.

Definitely if you manage to get a new pair of Yeezys before they sell out, I think they are VERY worth it.

They are incredibly comfortable, they’re strong, durable, make a great shoe for almost any outing and everyone knows if you’re wearing a pair, you are a complete bad ass.

Yeezys are a 10/10 shoe in my book especially when it comes to quality VS price.

Is It Worth Buying Yeezys Second Hand?

Unfortunately I have not had the satisfaction of purchasing a brand new pair of Yeezys because of this cult-like social media group.

And I refuse to buy them second hand.

Even though they possess the Boost technology, have amazing performance and will hold its performance longer than other shoes, I will not be paying thousands of dollars for a pair of Yeezys.

But that’s a personal choice.

At the end of the day it comes down to:

  • How much you really want a pair
  • How fashionable you are
  • What you intend to do with the shoes

If you’re going to pay thousands of dollars for a pair of Yeezys I do not recommend taking them outside, it’s just a risky investment.

You could always wear them around the house for the comfort factor and flex to all your friends and family on social media.

Or at the very least wear them on special occasions only.

The only time I recommend wearing Yeezys on a daily basis is if you paid retail price for them.

That way if they get damaged, you know it wasn’t a huge investment.


Kanye West is smart and everyone loves him.

He’s an idol to many people all around the world and everything he wears or touches turns to gold.

Because everything he wears, others purchase just to be like him.

And that’s what makes Yeezy shoes and the entire product line so successful.

Yeezys are amazing, they shoes are hella comfortable, they stand the test of time and they will continue to be in demand for many years to come.

Thanks for reading this article.

Do you have anything you would like to add? Please let us know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “What are Yeezy Shoes? (Yeezys Explained in 5 Minutes)”

  1. They really look amazing and sound amazing as far as being comfortable.  It always seems like the things that are good for you are always the most expensive. You said the cheapest pair would be about $250?  I don’t know, but I would think that price and higher is not for the average consumer.  That’s a lot of money for a pair of shoes, even if they are comfortable.  You may be paying for the brand.  Even if I had the money, I don’t know if I would pay that much for a pair of shoes.

    • Hey Lynn.

      They are designer shoes so there will always be a hefty price to them..

      However, there are much more expensive shoes than Yeezys and those are exactly what Kanye wanted to beat, and he has done that without fail.

      So even though they may not be priced for the average consumer, they are a lot less cheaper than other brands.

  2. I am a long time fan of Kanye’s music. He is just incredible at what music. But when he decided to partner with Adidas on the yeezy franchise, a lot of people thought he was better off sticking to music. Apparently, he proved them wrong once more. As you mentioned, Kanye is smart and he understands the concept of business to an astonishing degree. I got a yeezy for myself a year ago but later gave it away.

    Thanks for sharing

    • You gave it away or sold it? Lol I sure hope you sold it.

      Yes, Kanye definitely is smart and understands what it takes to grow his empire to a billion dollar business.

      And he even believes it’s going to become even bigger than Air Jordans.

      I sure hope he can do it to prove everyone wrong along with the employees at Nike who didn’t even like Yeezys to begin with.

  3. I had to admit I was curious, so I clicked on this article.  No other reason.  I have no interest in Yeezys to purchase.  That said, I’m sure they’re an excellent shoe for a $250 dollar price tag.  Though I DO completely disagree with you about Kanye West.  I don’t like him at all, so not everyone does.  He isn’t a nice guy.  I also think if he wanted regular people to afford his shoes, he would actually make more than 500 of them so they aren’t selling for ten thousand on eBay. 

    I’m also not hip on status symbols like shoes.  Although these aren’t TOO bad in price (not counting reselling them, of course), so I was just curious if they’re actually decent shoes or just made to look pretty.

    Anyway, thanks for answering my curiosity.  

    • Of course not everyone likes Kanye, but his die hard fans absolutely love this man and I’m not even exaggerating. His nickname is literally Yeezus.

      What he means by the average consumer to afford is that they really aren’t that pricey for a pair of designer shoes.

      Sure they are much more expensive than other shoes but at the end of the day, you’re paying for a limited amount that everyone wants to get their hands on.

      They definitely do live up to the hype considering how comfortable and aesthetically pleasing they are.

      But for the resell price? No way they are not worth it.

  4. I’m pretty astonished by Yeezy Shoes and after reading this I had a lot of thoughts rooming over my head and I am like “Wow! Kanye is truly smart”. I got to know Kanye not too long ago and I never even knew he produces shoes. Man, these shoes are truly expensive but I think it’d be worth it considering the comfortability and every good thing about it. But I wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars to purchase a shoe. Looks kinda insane to me.


    • Kanye really is a smart guy with lots of die hard fan who will take a bullet for him.

      Some do not agree with the way he does things, but at the end of the day, you’re doing something right if you have haters because people want to take you down.

      It’s inevitable.

      Thanks for reading this article and I’m glad you got to learn more about Kanye West!

  5. This shoe really comes with quality and durability. I can tell this from a friend. He was very fortunate to buy a brand new Yeezy shoe. Indeed, Kanye is really an intelligent man. People on social media are going crazy on this shoe. No wonder one can spend thousands to lay hands on it. They are really hotcakes.

    You’ve really provided useful information about this shoe especially how its name came about. This is nice.

    • Hello Kell.

      I agree, Kanye’s fans will really do anything to get their hands on these shoes. Personally I do not care about Yeezys because I don’t want to be another fanboy, lol.

      But nonetheless, Yeezys are still amazing shoes and I have no negative issues other than the high resell price.


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