Why Are Amazon Shoes So Cheap?

Answer: The answer is that shoes on Amazon are 1 – 2 years old. Shoe companies do not put new releases on third-party websites. They would rather customers buy directly from them instead. After a year or two, they’ll make them readily available on third-party websites like Amazon, which are the leftovers.

How the Price Slash Works

You will likely never see new releases on Amazon.

The shoes they do have are the leftovers from the companies official website.

This is why they can put the price down.

Shoe companies have made their profit and meet their ROI (Return On Investment) from their own sales.

Now they just need to make minimal profit back.

There are many different third-third party websites to get a cheaper option, but the best is Amazon by far.

They are the first place everyone goes for discount shoes.

Why the Large Price Gap?

Why is it that shoes on Amazon can range from $130 – $250?

There are many variables for this.

Here are the main ones:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Seller
  • Supply and demand

Supply and demand, colors and sizes are the biggest factors.

For example:

If the black pair sells the most, they know they can put the price higher because they’ll sell anyway.

But if the green pair is the least popular, they’ll put the price down to get rid of them.

Then there are individual sellers.

These people have their own pricing strategies to meet their ROI requirements.

Does This Mean Amazon Sells Fake Shoes?

Amazon does not sell fake shoes per se, but there can be shady sellers who slip through the cracks.

Amazon are really strict on this though.

The minute they find out someone’s selling fake sneakers, they ban them, usually without warning.

By clicking the link “these sellers”, you’re turning away from Amazons legit sellers and moving to alternative sellers.

Amazon screenshot 3

These are where you run into problems with fake shoes.

On the same product page there will be good reviews saying it was an authentic shoe, then there are some saying it felt cheap, uncomfortable, and plasticy.

This is because those people bought from alternative sellers clicked “these sellers”. Do not do that if you don’t want to risk it.

Learn how to avoid fake Amazon shoes here

Are the Cheap Prices Worth It?

Yes of course they are.

There is literally nothing wrong with the discounted sneakers.

The only downside is that they are 1 or 2 seasons old which isn’t a big deal at all.

It’s only a huge deal if you like to stay up to date with the latest trends.

But for the average person who doesn’t care about this, the discount shoes are the very best way to get high quality shoes at a bargain price!

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