Why Gucci Shoes are So Expensive

Gucci’s are some of the most common shoes in the world. But why, considering the high price tag?

Gucci Ace Leather Sneakers

What makes these shoes so special and why does every man and his dog want to get their little hands on them?

In this article I’m going to talk about Gucci shoes, what makes them so special and why they are so expensive.

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What is Gucci?

Gucci is an Italian luxury brand that sells fashion and leather goods.

It was founded by an Italian man named Guccio Gucci back in 1921.

Yes that’s right, this brand has been around for 100 years, and I only discovered it a few years ago!

They are one of the most top-selling Italian brand and they make around US$7-10 billion per year, which is far more than other high-end brands like Air Jordan and Yeezy.

But enough about that, lets talk about why these shoes are so expensive.

Loyal Fans

Loyal fans is a HUGE reason why Gucci shoes are so expensive.

Basically, fans don’t mind paying for something that’s going to get them status and recognition.

And as long as the items keep selling, the prices will stay high.

As odd as it sounds, the high price point is the reason why they are so appealing. Not a lot of people can afford them.

It gives the wearer a sense of pride and status, because not everyone can go out and buy a $500 pair of Gucci shoes.

Not everyone is silly enough to do that either.

You will never catch me wasting money on a $500 pair of shoes, I don’t care how much recognition I’m going to get.

High-End Design

Their shoes are well designed by professionals and make the shoe stand out in the crowd.

Gucci pays some of the biggest fashion designers in the world to create their shoes, but keeping up with current trends while staying timeless at the same time.

This makes them better than other shoes that have not had the same amount of attention.

The more work that goes into designing shoes, the higher they can set the price.

Flawless Construction

When it comes to Gucci t-shirts and things like that, you’re basically paying for the brand rather than quality.

A Gucci t-shirt will wear out just as much as a $8 t-shirt, but that doesn’t stop people from spending $300 on one.

But that’s not the case with Gucci shoes, which are actually constructed flawlessly.

They have immaculate stitching, top quality leather, attention-to-detail, the strong materials and high-end designs.

These are why Gucci shoes are so expensive, because they’ve been given the love and attention that other shoes lack.

Why Do Young People Want Gucci If It’s So Expensive?

Social media plays a huge part in this, it’s probably why I only discovered Gucci a few years ago.

Celebrities are probably the biggest influencers for young people buying into the whole Gucci thing.

When fans see their favorite celebrity rocking Gucci shoes, they want them too because it gives them status.

Now when you see young people wearing Gucci, you automatically think they have lots of money.

Well personally I just think they wasted a whole lot of money.

However, that is different with Gucci shoes because they are really made of high quality.

Should You Get Gucci Shoes and Are They Worth It?

Their clothing may not be as different as a cheapo $10 t-shirt from Walmart, but their shoes are certainly a force to be reckoned with.

They are probably the best product they have that is actually worth it.

Their shoes stand the test of time and they go with almost anything.

So yes, they are worth it, but should you get them?

That is entirely up to you, it all depends on the individual and how well they want to exude confidence, status and value.

If you like to keep up with current fashion trends and stand out wherever you go, then sure, Gucci is definitely for you.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, they are a luxury fashion brand.

That is their niche so that is the biggest reason they are so expensive.

You will not find real Gucci products for cheap, and if you do, they are most probably fake (How to Spot Fake Gucci Shoes).

That is why Gucci shoes are expensive and now you can make an informed decision on whether you should invest your hard earned money or not.

That concludes this article.

What are your thoughts on Gucci shoes? I’d like to know whether you think they’re a big waste of money or good investment.



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