Why Nike is the Best Shoe Brand

Why is Nike the best shoe brand? Why do they seem to always come on top and make billions of dollars annually?

Nike Swoosh

Nike are definitely a force to be reckoned with, as they always come out on top and no one comes close to surpassing them.

But how?

Is it the fact that they have been going for so long?

Is it the quality of their shoes?

Is it because their shoes are affordable?

In fact it has little to do with all of that, and I will explain why.

They Have Mastered Brand Awareness

Nike have mastered brand awareness.

Brand awareness means customers are aware or familiar with the qualities or image of a brand.

Everywhere you go you will see “Nike”.

They have posters, commercials, billboards, etc, literally everywhere. They will do anything and everything to promote their brand.

But because the Swoosh logo is so iconic, all you need to see is the logo and you are already you are being aware of their brand again.

They have signed with some of the best athletes in the world, they have endorsements and deals, and they create shoes and clothing for the signed athletes to wear as they play sports.

This brings even more awareness, as those people watching are going to think they will be good if they wear those shoes too.

Strong Brand Equity

Brand equity is “the commercial value that derives from consumer perception”.

Basically, this means people have high standards of a product or service just because of the name rather than the product or service itself.

And that nails the Nike brand to a T.

Nike has strong brand equity because of their reputation, their brand awareness, brand associations and perceived quality.

Add all of this together, and you have bulletproof equity.

Building up equity is the best thing you can do as people will buy your product or service because of everything else associated with it.

Even if one of their shoes gets bad reputation, it is not the end all be all, because they have enough equity to keep them propelling forward.

Basically, that means one bad apple is not going to ruin the whole bunch.

The Nike Slogan

The slogan “Just Do It” also has a huge part to play in the coming-up of Nike.

This slogan is easy to read, easy to remember, and has strong message behind it.

Plus it’s universal, meaning it caters to a large audience (everyone) instead of just a few targeted people.

When someone sees “Just Do It”, they are even more motivated and gives them that extra bit of drive to do something.

That slogan, along with the Swoosh logo, offers a very strong message and a good reason why people continue to resonate with Nike.

Even if their is no swoosh logo, you only need to see “Just Do It” and automatically know it’s Nike.

It’s such an easy and effective way to increase brand awareness.

Latest Technology

Nike are always testing their shoes and implementing the latest technology into their shoes to keep up with today’s consumer needs.

The features they implement into their shoes have a specific purpose.

Nike Boost offers push-back in the cushioning which adds a spring effect to every step.

This provides energy return to keep the wearer running longer, increases speed, and agility.

They have also created something called Flyknit.

Flyknit technology is the entire upper knitted as one piece.

This feature has lots of benefits, but the main 3 benefits are comfort, support and lightweight.

Nike implements many other different features into their shoes to keep them ahead of the game, and these are only the tip of the iceberg.

Is Nike High Quality?

Believe it or not, but not all Nike shoes are high quality.

Nike knows this, so they will put a cheaper price tag on the shoe to make it affordable for everyone.

That’s why they are so popular, they create shoes for literally everyone.

They have shoes for poor people, the middle class and the upper class.

There are shoes for under $100 and shoes over $500.

Of course shoes under $100 are going to be less quality than a shoe over $500.

But as a rule of thumb, the shoes less than $100 will probably last 1 – 2 years, while the shoes over $100 will last longer.

Don’t think, just because it’s Nike that it’s high quality and going to last a long time.

At the end of the day, they are high value for money but you can’t expect a shoe under $100 to last for years unless you only wear it a few times a week.

As a rule of thumb:

Nike shoes last 2 -3 years depending on usage and price. The higher the price, the longer they last for.

In Conclusion

Nike is one of the top shoe brands in the world and it will continue to stay that way for many years to come.

Other brands haven’t even come close because they don’t have as much brand awareness, associates, and certainly not enough equity.

Nike has a mixture of everything and that’s why they are on top and continue to dominate the shoe and sports industry.

And that’s why Nike is the best shoe brands in the world.

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