Why Shoes Crease and How to Stop It

Exactly why do shoes crease, and can you do anything to fix it if it happens to one of your shoes?

Leather shoe crease

These are all questions and concerns people have about shoe creases.

I know I’ve experienced it and so have thousands of others.

Creases suck as it lowers the value of your shoes and prevents you from being at the top of your game, especially when trying to impress others, as most of us do.

Here in this article I will answer some of the most important questions regarding shoe creases that you need to know.


Why Do Shoes Crease?

Ill-fitting shoes

The most common reason is that the shoe is not a good fit.

There is too much space between your skin and the material, as it should fit closely to your skin but not too closely that it restricts movement.

Of course a small amount of creasing is normal because as you walk, the balls of your feet acts as a pivot point. When that bends so does your shoe.

With a snug fitting shoe this is minimal and only gets worse with time.

But with an ill-fitting shoe it becomes worse a lot faster.

Moisture and the elements

Another problem is that moisture in the air gets onto the shoe and makes it crease easier.

Applying water-repellent before wearing them will fix this problem, then every year thereafter.

Low quality

High-end sneakers and dress shoes are made with higher quality material which is less likely to bend and crease.

They are made to resist creasing and hold its shape for longer.

On the other hand, low quality material is flexible and compresses easier.

Not drying them

Not letting the shoes dry after wearing them during the day is another common problem.

Throughout the day your shoes are exposed to sweat, moisture, and the elements.

I will explain how to prevent them from happening in the future, but for now here’s how to remove them.

How to Remove Shoe Creases

A good method I’ve been using is applying leather oil to the affected areas, using a heat gun and shoe tree afterwards.

Don’t be afraid to saturate the crease with lots of oil, as more is better.

Apply a heat gun to the crease while massaging it out.

Continue doing this until the creases are faded as much as possible.

Note: Ensure the heat gun is on low and about 8 inches away from the shoe so it doesn’t burn.

For those that don’t know, a shoe tree tightens the leather material.

That is what you’ll be using after the shoe has cooled down.

While you’re away they aren’t drying out with the creases still in them.

How to Stop it From Happening

Stopping shoe creases is actually really simple when you know what you’re doing.

Of course you probably already have shoes that don’t fit, but this is not the be all end all as long as you remove them with the method above.

Here are some of my favorite methods to preventing shoe creases in the future.

1. The right fit – Firstly, having a shoe that fits in the first place will likely eliminate creases from happening in the future

2. Apply water-repellent – Water repellent only needs to be applied before wearing them for the first time and maybe each year thereafter

3. Alternate your shoes – Do not wear the same shoe 2 days in a row. Give it at least 1-2 days for it to sit and dry so the material isn’t wet when you wear them again

4. Use a shoe tree – A good shoe tree costs about $30, but in my opinion it is a wise investment because you’re protecting expensive shoes. Use shoe trees in shoes you don’t want creasing and let them sit for at least 24 hours.

That’s all there really is to it.


If I want you to take at least one thing from this article, it is that you should get the right fit from the get-go.

This is the biggest cause for shoes to increase, and even if you remove the creases they will likely keep coming back.

So if you’re a shoe collector, you may be in some hot water as it’s not like you can throw all your shoes out.

In my opinion, don’t throw them out but every new pair of shoes make sure it is nice and snug so they don’t crease as easily.

Well there you have it.

I have explained why shoes crease, how to remove them and prevent them from happening.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day.



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