Brutally Honest WXQ Running Shoe Review

If you’re looking for a cheap and stylish shoe that’s bound to get you through your day without aches and pains, look no further.

WXQ Running Shoe

Today I will be reviewing the WXQ Running Shoe and giving my unbiased opinion.

It has racked up thousands of good feedback from the community and I want to know more.

Also the minimalist design and cool colors caught my attention.

I’m going to keep this article short and sweet, so keep reading my WXQ Running Shoe review for the untold truth.

At a Glance

Product Name: WXQ Running Shoe

Designed for: Running, sports

Best for: Walking, standing all day, casual, fashion

True to size: Yes

Expected lifespan: 4 – 18 months

Price: $30

My Rating: 4/5

The WXQ Running Shoes are very comfortable and plush. Everyone that wears them loves the soft fit and the aesthetically appealing design. Those who don’t like them complain about the quality not being as good as they hoped. In saying that, they are still worth the price and perfect for low-impact activities.

What is the WXQ Running Shoe?

This shoe is laceless, lightweight and breathable.

The knit upper is finely stitched for increased strength and longevity.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and ventilated so your feet don’t get hot.

The oustole is made of rubber and includes flex grooves, providing anti-skid traction and lots of grip.

The manufacturers say it’s good for parties, sports, walking, running, casual and trendy.

I would like to add that the style is definitely trendy as minimalist shoes are all the rage these days.

I counted a total of 35 colors and different style options!

What Do the People Say?

Anyone can make outrageous claims without any proof to back it up, so it’s good that we are dealing with a shoe with 4000 reviews to help us make a confident decision.

Lets look at what the people are saying.

They are comfortable as hell but not running shoes

These things are incredibly comfortable and YES you will be able to run in them, but it’s not recommended.

Use them for running and they won’t last long. Use for low-impact activities and they last much longer.

The comfort factor lasts about 1 year before losing some performance.

Get lots of compliments

These shoes are hella trendy and cool looking.

There’s so many colors that anyone should be able to find one they like.

They get lots of compliments from others and they even ask where they got them from!

Cheap and stylish shoes

What you see is what you get – a cheap pair of stylish shoes.

They will not last years, they will not make you win your next race, and they should not be used for training or sports activities…unless you don’t want them to last long.

They should be used for low-impact activities only as they do not have strong enough materials for high-impact work.

Good for standing all day

Some people decided to put these to the test by wearing them all day in their jobs.

And thankfully the end result is positive.

They seem to hold up well all day, keeping the wearer comfortable and supportive.

At the end of the day they had happy feet.

Good for walking all day

They are also good for anyone that’ll be on their foot all day.

A good example is travelling, busy mums on-the-go, or even for a job…if they don’t have a specific dress code of course.

Someone said they walked all day, everyday and never experienced foot pain or tired feet.

I mean they are just so comfortable, it makes complete sense.

The Bad Reviews

Not going to last forever

These shoes are only around $30.

They’re not made to last years.

Some reviewers say theirs lasted only a few months with everyday use, and decide to give it 1 star even though they only paid $29 for them.

Come on mate.

They will provide you with its intended use for as long as possible before breaking.

The expected lifespan is between 4 – 18 months but depends on how often they are worn for.

Wear them everyday and you might get 6 months out of them.

Add to your rotation and they will last longer.

Glittery finish

Some of these shoes tend to have a speck of glitter and sparkles in them which does not really show in the picture.

Yes this is on the mens version which has been getting some hate.

However, there is only a handful of complaints.

I think it has something to do with the seller. Just note that if you buy these shoes, buy from the WXQ Brand and no one else.

Anyone else may be selling something dodgy.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable and plush
  • Laceless, making on and off a breeze
  • Versatile
  • Affordable


  • Lacks durability
  • Some pairs might have a glitter finish

What I Think (My Personal Opinion)


There’s lots of things good about these fashionable sneakers and a couple of things wrong with them.

They are extremely comfortable as those who give it low stars say they are comfortable as well.

They’re lightweight, they breath well, they go with anything, and they have lots of colors to choose from.

If you’re paying $30 and expecting to run a marathon in them, you’ve got another thing coming.

They are not as durable as Nike or Adidas shoes because frankly, they cost more.

The WXQ are inexpensive and great for what they are.

Personally I think they are perfect as long as they’re not used for running or any type of sports.

For casual/general use, walking and standing all day, they are PERFECT.

WXQ Running Shoe 2

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Great for the Price

I’ll finish this article by describing them in one sentence.

They are great for the price, trendy, aesthetically appealing, and bound to get you compliments as you go about your day.

Expect them to last a couple years and you’ll be let down.

Expect them to treat you well in the comfort department and you’ll soon realize at how plush and soft they feel.

Are they worth the price? Definitely.

What you see is what you get.

Expect no more, no less, and they will treat you well.

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