Your Guide to Plain White Sneakers

I describe people who wear plain white sneakers in one word:


Plain White Sneakers

Just kidding. Not really. That’s my personal opinion.

Plain white sneakers are worn by every man, women, girl, boy and even his dog.

If you decide to follow this trend, you will look like another basic bitch wearing plain white sneakers.

Okay that was a little harsh.

There’s still a lot of life left in this trend. Even I agree with that.

I’m here to talk about plain white shoes in detail, where they came from, why they’re so popular, etc.

So you don’t have to look like another average Joe following the same old trend as everyone else.

Anyway, lets take a deeper look into this fashion trend and discuss why it’s so fricken popular.

The History of Plain White Sneakers

Plain white sneakers are no new trend.

In fact they have been in and out of popularity for the last 100 years or so.

The release of the Chuck Taylors inspired the white plain sneaker, and that has maintained its popularity to this day.

Although in the last couple of decades, plain white sneaks have really started creeping up in popularity.

A huge reason for this is the rise of social media, especially girls ranging from teenagers to early 20s.

It’s not uncommon for older people to rock plain white sneakers as well.

Many celebrities implement these shoes into their own outfits, which is another reason for the inspiration.

Now that you have a general idea about the history, lets dive into some of the common questions and concerns.

Are Plain White Sneakers Still in Trend?

“Trend” will be the wrong word to describe these shoes.

A better description would be “a staple of fashion”.

Because they are, in fact, here to stay whether you like ’em or not.

In saying that, they are viewed as a summer/spring type of shoe, but can literally be worn any time of the year.

Fashion is about feeling good about yourself, no matter what you wear.

So who cares if something isn’t ‘in’ for the season. White sneakers are a staple of fashion and an incredibly popular one at that.

It’s not like someone’s going to look at you and think “hey, they shouldn’t be worn till next year!”.

Dressing Up and Dressing Down

The reason plain white sneakers are so popular is because they go with anything.

They are seen as more of a casual shoe, but it’s not uncommon for them to be dressed up.

Most people dress down with a pair of slim-straight jeans, skinny jeans, or even joggers.

Some people wear them in formal settings. Some men even wear them with suits, and look amazing.

White shoes provide that sharp appearance.

Lately they’ve been making their way into dress codes. That says a lot about the rise in popularity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are white sneakers so popular?

Many reasons influence the popularity of these shoes. The two biggest reasons are inspiration from social media pictures (from others wearing them) and celebrities who wear them.

Why do white sneakers turn yellow?

Simple answer. A build up of bacteria, grime, sweat, dirt, and more.

Not rinsing them properly after using dishwashing liquid can turn them yellow as well.

An easy fix is to use shoe whitener to restore them.

Are white sneakers in style?

Yes. They are in style, building in popularity, and will stay in style for many decades to come (as we’ve seen for the last 100 years).

Are white sneakers good for professional settings?

Yes, as long as you can pull it off properly. Like I said, white sneakers really do go with anything!

What can white sneakers be worn with?

Pretty much anything. But you need to get the pants right or they won’t look as good. Here are 23 ways to wear plain white shoes.

Can you wear plain white sneakers in the fall and winter?

Of course you can. They can be worn year-round. Although most people wear them in the spring/summer because they’re bright, fresh and fun.

Can you bleach white shoes?

Yes you can, but there’s a very fine process you need to follow so you don’t end up damaging them. Check out this guide.

The Most Popular Plain White Sneakers for 2021

There are a few sneakers that have really grabbed the attention of plain white sneaker enthusiasts all around the world.

These shoes are common and here to stay. They will trend for the rest of 2020 and all of 2021.

Check them out below.

Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1

The Nike Air Force 1 has been a fan favorite for many years.

I see girls everywhere wear these shoes.

I see at least one girl a day at the gym wearing them, and even more in the city.

They are everywhere because, well, look at them. They offer aesthetics, comfort, and go with anything.

Nike Air Max 97

Nike Air Max 97 On Feet

The Nike Air Max 97 is another killer white sneaker (and if I’m being honest, it’s my favorite).

I mostly see guys wearing them, but nonetheless, they are great for the gym, casual use, and dressing up.

They’re actually from the 90s but made a comeback recently. They’re now hugely successful and here to stay.

Reebok Club C 85

Reebok Club C 85 Casual Everyday Wear Shoes, Fashion Sneakers

Keep in mind that the Reebok Club C 85 is a retro shoe from 1985.

It was made for tennis but people started using it for casual use. You can thank the plain white colorway for that.

Not as popular as the above shoes, they are still common and the green logo adds a bit of ‘edge’.

Good for those that don’t want plain white shoes.

Reebok Classic Leather

Reebok Classic Leather Fashion Sneaker 3

The Reebok Classic Leather, another good quality plain white shoe that gets the thumbs up.

They’re originally from the 80s, so you could say they’re incredibly old school

I added them to this list because they are so poplar among millennials and really offer that nostalgic feeling.

Plus they last about 2 years! Pretty good for a shoe worth $50 bucks.

Well there you have, 4 fan favorites that have stood the test of time and caught my eyes over the last couple of years.

They’re all great but my personal favorite is hands down the Air Max 97.

What Do I Think About White Sneakers?

Personally I don’t like them.

I think it’s basic to go with something so easy.

Everyone’s doing it, so you’re not doing anything differently. You just look like everyone else.

Plus lets face it. They do look silly when all the attention is brought to your shoes.

Fashion is about looking effortless. A white shoe screams look at me.

There are far better options than a plain white sneaker.

Go with something mysterious like black, or happy colors like orange, pink or red.

These colors are vibrant and make you stand out from everyone else, especially if you can match your outfit properly. The amount of heads you can turn. Just wow.

Person Walking in Red Shoes

Are White Sneakers Worth Getting?

This is probably the most important question out of all questions in this article.

There are many benefits and pros to rocking plain white kicks.

But there are also some downsides.

Well one huge downside actually.

They get dirty easily and there’s no stopping the inevitable. You’ll often find yourself wearing dirty ones more often than clean ones.

It’s not uncommon to experience scuff marks that can’t be removed after the first couple of uses!

This can be a huge waste of money for some people that want dem pearly white kicks 24/7.

Another downside is that everyone wears them. You’re not standing out or looking unique.

So at the end of the day are they worth it?

I’ll have to give that a yes.


They go with anything, most are them are cheap as hell, and they take any outfit from a 5 to a 7 instantly.

Not bad for a few smackaroons!

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